Labor & Birth as told by This Is Us Memes

I don’t know about you all, but This Is Us has become my favorite TV show. With another episode airing tonight, I thought it only appropriate to blend some of my favorite things together and bring you the stages of labor and birth as told by This Is Us memes. Enjoy 🙂

Early Labor

Oh the glorious excitement of knowing your baby is coming! The contractions aren’t too painful (yet), leaving an expectant family geared up and ready to go!! Make sure to check in with your OB/ Midwife and Doula! WOOHOO!!


Active Labor

Okay.. So things are beginning to REALLY happen now. Contractions are more intense, accompanied by more of an ‘internal’ shift of focus. You’ve got this, mama! Don’t forget to breathe!

source (2).gifTransition

Oh the infamous transition. This stage occurs between 8-10 centimeters of dilation and is often noted by a total mood change (cue crying, frustration, fear, etc). *Support Members– This is the time to encourage mom to KEEP GOING. Make sure to smile reassuringly and remind her that her baby is coming at the end of all of this!**


source (3).gif


YAY!! You dilated to 10 centimeters and have moved on to the grand finale. This is when it gets real! Gather all your strength and push, mama, push!


Bonus: Every first dad’s reaction to a baby crowning…

source (5)

A Baby is Born!

*Cue baby cries** HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! Wow! What a journey the past nine months have been, but..YOU DID IT! Now you get to enjoy sweet baby cuddles and loving this tiny human (or three) more than you ever thought possible.

source (4)


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