Hello! My name is Ashlyn Biedebach. I am a graduate of Texas A&M University Health Science Center with a Bachelor’s of Nursing. I received my certification from Birth Boot Camp in 2017 and find such joy in serving the families of DFW as a doula! I have been in love with birth and the miraculous process of pregnancy since early high school and was sold on birth as a career after shadowing a midwife in my hometown. When not pursuing my business goals, I work as a Certified Nurse Midwife at Origins Dallas and would love to serve you there!

“Her presence was comforting and her support during contractions was wonderful- she seemed to step in right when I needed a little extra TLC. She was very professional, but extremely caring- and went above and beyond to help take care of me during labor and after child birth. I would highly recommend Ashlyn if you are looking for a superb doula..” -Katie R.


My main goal is to support and encourage moms to birth the way she feels comfortable and empower her to do that.

I believe that a birthing mom has the right to a positive, encouraging atmosphere where she is surrounded by those who know and love her.

I believe that pregnant and birthing moms have the right to informed decision making for their families.

I believe that birth is an important and transformative experience in a woman’s life that deserves to be remembered positively forever.




~all photos courtesy of birth boot camp~