A La Carte Services

Are you pregnant and needing help with a specific part of the pregnancy and birth process? I offer services in person and virtually to help answer your questions, help you find the right resources for you, teach you about the birth process, and create a birth plan fit for your needs.

Birth Resources

This service is for the mom who is pregnant and not sure where to start in finding a provider, hospital and support for pregnancy and postpartum. I can offer specific resources from experience that can help your pregnancy go smoothly and peacefully.

Prenatal Education Services

The birth process is a largely mysterious and overwhelming thought for most moms. I offer meeting specifically to address the unknowns about labor, birth and postpartum and help you to feel more at ease with what is going to happen as you birth your baby.

I also offer education specific to coping with labor and delivery, and gives you hands on tips to have a beautiful birth.

Birth Plan Drafting

Most moms have an expectation and hope of how their birth will go. Let me help you put into words what you would like at your birth and give you tips for how to communicate this with your providers when you arrive at your birth place.

Meetings start at $100 an hour, and can be adjusted to the length that is right for your specific needs

*All services are offered in person or virtually through video chat