3 Things I Learned in August (and What is Next)

As many of you may know, I took the month of August off (no clients due in this month, though I did still work “on call” as an RN) from doula work. My primary reason for this going in to this month was to focus on all of the things I needed to get done in order to apply to a graduate program for my Nurse Midwifery degree. As the month went on, I realized just how much more special it was to have time off and in the process, I was able to learn some really awesome things that I think we can all apply to our lives!

1) Life is about Rhythm

It is necessary and needed for each season of life to have rest, including time each day, week and month! For me, it was amazing to have time in the morning to truly rest and greet the day slowly, rather than feeling rushed with “to-do” list items. For the sake of your overall health, I highly recommend having some time each day to slow down, be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, and just breathe. I also 100% believe that we need at least one day off from work (in it’s entirety) a week to truly rest and be healthy. It was great to be reminded of that in August.

2) It is okay to say “No”

I fall into the temptation often that my life should be filled to the brim with stuff. And while it is good to be productive, letting your life be run by “having to be busy” never leads to good outcomes. The first few weeks that I wasn’t working were stressful, honestly! Saying no to events, clients and to myself was tough. But, as the month went on it became easier to protect my time and the space I had given myself to pursue my goals. Each “no” had strengthened my resolve that I was worth it, and that it was okay to relax. Ironically enough, it was a HUGE month for new signed clients (even with no marketing on my part… funny how that works ;)).

3) You are WORTH IT

If no one else has told you this recently, you are WORTH IT. You are worth self care, and love and peace. You are worth doing whatever it takes to be healthy and whole. You are worth it. The biggest take away I received from this month off was that it is worth taking care of myself in order to take care of others. In fact, I think it is totally necessary.

 Is there a place in your life that needs tending to? Are there things you need to be saying no to in order to protect your own space and heart? Do you know you are worth it?

August- Trip to Cabo with my family, my husband’s birthday and start of 18th grade, a lot of studying, working on my resume and application letters and a whole lot of love!

I am so excited to continue on in my doula work, and am happy to say I am almost full for the 2018 calendar year. It has been a blast doing what I love and continuing to learn more and meet more amazing people in this community.

Thank you for allowing me the space and the time to rest, recharge and work towards the future. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

If you are due in 2019 (though January is almost full!), and are looking into hiring a doula, contact me today! I would love to hear about your birth goals and support you in this amazing journey. 

Ashlyn is a Registered Nurse with her Bachelor’s in Nursing, a Birth Boot Camp Doula and owner of By The Brook Birth Doula. She lives in Denton, TX with her husband and cat, Lucy.


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