3 Things I Did NOT Expect When Becoming a Doula

Some of you may know that my background is in the medical field. I went to the Nursing School at Texas A&M University and graduated with my Bachelor’s. I am a Registered Nurse and work for out of hospital birthing centers when not doula-ing (such a fun verb ;)), and love it! So, when I decided to continue my education and experience with a doula certification, I didn’t expect much to change! But, I quickly realized that I had a LOT to learn!

Three things I did NOT expect when becoming a Doula

 Becoming a Doula = to a crash course in Business

I thought about becoming a business minor in college for about two minutes. I learned the difference between micro and macro economics yesterday, literally. When I began my doula journey I fell face first into accounting, finance, business and so much more! I am so thankful for all my training with Birth Boot Camp, help from more senior doulas at BBC and my husband’s brain, which always comes in handy. It has been quite a learning curve, but has been so much fun!

Becoming a Doula = Social Media and Marketing guru

I gave up all social media for 2-3 years and thought I would never turn back. SURPRISE! I actually ended up creating a new Facebook just for my business! Not only that, but I quickly realized that in order to get my name out I would have to be active across as many platforms as possible. As well as having an online presence on social media platforms, being a doula has taught me how to have open and honest conversations about my business and services with all different types of health care providers and people in the birth world. Talk about a confidence booster!

Being a Doula = SO MUCH GREATER than I ever imagined

If you had told me that this is what my life would look like a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed you! I have so much freedom to be involved and serve in a variety of ways that working a traditional 9-5 job wouldn’t allow, as well as the privilege of accompanying women in the most amazing moments of their lives. I am beyond humbled and so honored to be on this journey as a doula. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Ashlyn is a Registered Nurse, Birth Assistant and Certified Doula. She serves the Denton/ DFW region of Texas. She is a wife, cat lover and This Is Us addict.

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