Amazing Prenatal Chiropractor in North Central Texas


I was recently contacted by Dr. Casey Lanier of Epic Healthcare & Physical Medicine who is certified in the Webster Technique and is offering chiropractic treatment to pregnant mamas in the Denton/DFW Area! I jumped at the opportunity to explore their services and was able to go through their on-boarding process, receive treatment and go through the “pregnant mama” experience first hand.

Disclosure: I do not get paid for my reviews, so you can trust that everything said below is my honest opinion of the services provided!


The office is located in Flower Mound off of Justin Road. It is a large facility that is beautifully decorated and very inviting. I loved chatting with the staff at the check in and check out desk and could tell they loved what they do! On the right, there are individual treatment rooms where I initially waited and was assessed, but the adjustments happen on the left side of the space in one large room,divided into four smaller spaces with tables for chiropractic adjustments. In the middle of the space is a treatment floor where patients do physical therapy, ice, heat or TENS therapy as well as many other things!

I was there for chiropractic care, though I was able to find out through Dr. Lanier that they also specialize in diagnostic testing, regenerative medicine, physical medicine, including: medical massage and cold laser therapy, as well as wellness and lifestyle programs.  They also have complimentary educational workshops throughout the month that go over topics such as trigger points, neuropathy and more!


Epic Healthcare Staff


When I first toured, I was impressed by the variety of therapies offered, the many rooms they had to see patients and, most of all, Dr. Lanier’s passion for working with expectant mothers. He later told me that as a result of chiropractic care he and his wife were able to have three children after being told they would never conceive. Talk about healing! I could tell that this work has a special place in his heart and is more than just a profession, but a heart passion for him. It was neat to hear!

I came back for a consultation and was so impressed at the thorough examination! I filled out four pages of health history information as well as the standard HIPPA/ consent forms. The health history goes deep, y’all. I had to think for a minute to remember!  After I finished the health history forms, we went into an exam room with their case manager, Keeley, to talk about specific goals for my treatment and any previous injuries I had sustained. I then changed into a hospital gown (it’s been a while since I’ve been in one of those!) and was met by Dr. Darnell Brown, another Chiropractor in the office, who completed my intake exam. I was blown away by how competent, kind, and caring everyone was!


Dr. Brown gave me a Surface EMG test, basically a digital scan of each of my vertebrae. I was really surprised at the results. I live a pretty healthy life, but I’ll let the colors speak for themselves….


No wonder my lower back has been acting up…

Dr. Brown then further examined my spine using his hands and a pressure vs. pain scale. As you can imagine, my lower back did NOT appreciate it. He then explained what the results of these exams were using a vertebral model (toy skeleton), and explained how pregnancy hormones and body changes can also affect vertebrae and their alignment, and why adjustments are even MORE important during pregnancy.


I came in the following day for my treatment. Not going to lie, after my exam the day before, I was sensitive and sore from all of the pressure points that were hit. I was READY for an adjustment. It ended up working out perfectly because I was called in to a birth the morning of my adjustment and was much more aware of all of the pressure and tension in my low back during lifting and moving. Crazy how being aware of your body changes things!

I arrived at EPIC and was greeted with brochures about functionality as well as health and how our American healthcare system often treats symptoms, rather than the underlying issues our bodies face. I was brought into an exam room and was shown a diagram of where my vertebrae were out of place (11/24 to be exact… oops) and what that meant for how my body functions and the pain levels that I feel. Dr. Lanier helped me  point out specifically where my pain was, what it felt like, when it is worse and what makes it feel better using a touch screen app that was linked to my healthcare records.


Dr. Lanier adjusted my lower back using pressure points and techniques using his bodyweight. He also adjusted my upper and mid back, and my neck (though if you aren’t comfortable with having your neck adjusted, Dr. Lanier offers plenty of alternatives!)). He also showed me how he can adjust his table to accommodate pregnant mamas as they grow in their pregnancy. Dr. Lanier is certified in the Webster Technique for adjusting pregnant women, which plenty of mamas find is life-changing during pregnancy!

I then was shown to the treatment room where TENS was used on my low back and a large ice pack was placed on my upper and middle back. After my morning birth, it was GREAT to be able to rest and take a cat nap!


I went back for a follow up appointment a couple days later. I actually rescheduled my follow up appointment because I was  at a birth for the original appointment, and the staff was very understanding. We went back over some test results, and Dr. Lanier outlined a treatment plant – two visits  a week over six weeks for adjustments and TENS/ ice and heat therapy.


I have been adjusted four times now by Dr. Lanier over the course of a couple of weeks and couldn’t be happier! After being adjusted the first time I was much more aware of the alignment of my body and just how hard I am on my spine on a daily basis. I came in to be adjusted after an all night birth and felt immediately better after my adjustment. I knew I couldn’t sleep until I had seen Dr. Lanier!

Every time I walk in the doors of the Epic Healthcare building I feel appreciated and taken care of. Not only are the Chiropractors well trained, but the staff is respectful and kind. Everyone has called me by my name and smiled at me as I enter and exit, which makes a huge difference!

I am so excited to continue going to see Dr. Lanier, but also am excited for all of the work that he is going to begin doing in the community with and for pregnant moms and babies!

If you are pregnant in the Denton/ DFW area and looking for a Chiropractor, I most definitely recommend Dr. Lanier of Epic Healthcare! Give them a call today for a consultation, you won’t be disappointed.




Phone: (972) 355-0083


Dr. Lanier adjusting a sweet little one!


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