Labor & Birth as told by Marvel Avengers Memes

As many of you may know, a new Marvel movie has graced the theatres and broken the box office record for biggest opening weekend (beating Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Fate of the Furious), and it hasn’t even premiered in China yet!

I was one of the many who saw Avengers Infinity War during it’s opening weekend (and wore matching T-shirts with my husband– picture below) and was impressed and inspired, to say the least.


“Korg’s Second Annual Revolution” from Thor Ragnarok.

You know it’s love when you go along with your husband’s idea to wear themed T-shirts. (Love you Jacob!)

Here for another installment of “Labor and Birth as told by..” are the Avengers!


Early Labor

  • When you feel your first “real” contraction.

This can be an exciting time for any mom! It is also the time to rest, hydrate and eat nutritious food for the labor and birth that is ahead. Make sure to notify your doula and health care provider!


“My spidey senses are tingling”

Active Labor

  • When your doula arrives

No matter how many times you have given birth before, it can be such a relief when your doula arrives to your home or birth place! Hiring a doula is all about securing support for yourself in labor, no matter what else goes on throughout the process. When they arrive you know that you can truly relax, and that you have someone to help you navigate it all (and to help your partner support you!).


  • When your water breaks

Though your water may break before active labor, it is very common for it to break when  your contractions become very strong or when birth is imminent. Whether it is a flood of fluid or a trickle, it is an exciting sign that baby is closer to being born!



  • When someone asks you a question

Often times when your labor becomes very intense and contractions take all of your attention, it is hard to answer questions or think about anything other than what is happening in your body. Though I haven’t seen many moms turn into the hulk, it can be frustrating to answer questions. “I don’t know” is definitely a sufficient answer in this stage!




  • When you are fully dilated (YAY!)

You have labored to fully dilated and it is time to begin bringing this baby into the world through pushing. YAY! Though pushing is hard work, each push brings your baby closer to your arms and that motivation gets moms through this stage.



A baby is born!!

The first moments of a newborn’s life are so special! Some announce themselves with loud wails and other are quiet and alert as they lock eyes with their parents. Each is unique and a moment you are never going to forget.


  • Mom’s response to her newborn baby

Meeting the little one who you have been growing for 9+ months is surreal. Take it all in and let the love flow. Congratulations mama!




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